Tuesday, August 28, 2012

'Learning to play the guitar.

Guitar Lessons: Make it Happen!!

Have you ever wished you could play guitar or maybe you’ve fantasized about playing in a band, or just sitting around entertaining friends and family. Well STOP DREAMING about music and START learning how to PLAY music! No matter what your musical aspirations are, I will help you make it happen.

There’s nothing that can replace the value of learning the guitar with a great guitar teacher. Whether you are picking up a guitar for the first time or are an advanced player looking to break out of a rut and expand your capabilities, you need a guitar teacher who is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

If you want to improve quickly on guitar, you need a teacher who will teach you the things you want to learn in the way that you learn best, so lets begin your guitar playing journey today, call (612)296.7271-Joel

My lessons are customized not only for the style and songs you want to learn, but also to your learning style. Playing the guitar is not as hard or intimidating as you may think it is. Within a few short weeks, you’ll be playing your favorite songs. Give it a try!

Beginner exercises & scales, chord chart, finger style picking, tapping, tuning, how to change strings and basic music theory knowledge.

Lessons are $30.00 per half hour and 40$ an hour, a little more if I drive to you.
Call to get started today,

I am very passionate about playing the guitar and you can be too if you just give it a try and stick with it…
Music Street Creds:
25yrs. of guitar playing experience,
Written and recorded 2CDs. of original music…
Well versed in writing original material…

And, I am very patient….
My goal is to teach you to find the music within yourself and help you become the player you’ve always dreamt about being….

By practicing continually you'll become a good player. Your dream to play it on the stage in front of thousands of spectators could well come true and you may find yourself as a super star following regular practice. These lessons can teach not only the music lovers but also others who just desire to learn it as a hobby. Utilize this stratagem in your beginner guitar lessons and very speedily you might be a part of your own band.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"First Principles"

`It is important as a teacher to develop an understanding/rapport of what the student can expect from the first few months of guitar lessons?

1: The ability to change between chord shapes with the fingers of the Left Hand and or Right Hand if you play the opposite way...

2: The ability to strum those chords (in time) with the right hand and or left hand...The focus of the first few months of study will revolve around the "idea" of the student mastering the left and or right hand (fretting) fingering of the chords correctly and which along with some right/left hand strumming patterns for a set of guitar chords that are the easiest to form and which along with some right/left hand strumming patterns will allow the student to literally to play thousands of songs?

Here Are Some Awesome Students And Awesome Testimonials..

                                                     "Dave and Katie"

A bit over year ago my wife and I decided to try playing guitar for the first time. We were lucky enough to find Joel and have been studying with him since then. I've got a bit of music background but my wife has none, so we came at this as a mutual project recognizing that our starting points weren't the same and that perhaps our rates of progress would differ too. Joel has been able to adapt to this easily. He extends the lessons so that he can show me things that Kate is not yet ready to try. He gracefully encourages Kate to play in a simpler way that still allows her to make music and to contribute to portions of our songs that are more intricate. He's constantly reacting to what works for us and what doesn't, sometimes calling a halt in the middle of a song and setting me to work on something while he coaches Kate through a section... all of this without pushing or seeming disappointed and with obvious care for both of us. Joel taps a variety of resources for teaching materials. He's pointed me to various websites, he's brought over backing tracks with scores for us to play. He's having me work on scales and has shown me how certain cord patterns relate to scales in a segue towards having me try some improvisation. Someday! A few times I've found some interesting tutorials on YouTube and have asked Joel to help me past some hurdles in those lessons. He's taken this seriously, looked at the videos, become familiar with them and then taught me what I needed to know. Above all else, Joel is a fun person and brings that spirit to our lessons. I heartily recommend him to those who are beginning learners who desire individual or small group lessons and also to those who might be intimidated by a formal music school. ~ Dave


I bought a guitar some years back and tried to teach myself how to play it with an expensive CD and multiple searches on YouTube. I found it difficult to have any consistency and I created some bad habits that were not doing me any favors. I quit. Last year, I was cleaning out the closet and my old friend was staring back at me. I went online and looked for an instructor. The instructor I found had a stringent weekly teaching method that taught me some great points, but I wasn’t having any fun and was always nervous to play in front of him. I decided to make a change. I was lucky, yes lucky, to find Joel online. I noticed immediately Joel’s positivity and how at ease I felt at our lessons. I say our lessons, because a great guitar instructor is always learning and preparing for his/her students. At the end of each lesson, I would offer some things that I wanted to work on; a particular song solo, some chord transitions, some blue’s licks, and Joel would come prepared the following week with a great lesson. His excitement and positivity would push me to try more difficult things, and to my surprise, I could do it! My first year I struggled with a lot of things, the C chord, Barre chords, finger dexterity, finger picking, and difficult strumming patterns. I have prevailed in them all with Joel, well maybe not all barre chords. ? If you do not have a plan to succeed, let Joel create one for you. Have fun with it! Joel can play acoustic or electric guitar. Left handed or right handed, and he is always punctual to arrive at your home or business. Joel’s inexpensive rates let me schedule a weekly lesson that keeps me on track and always improving. You may contact me anytime for a reference. Shawn 952-292-2602


Aside from being an amazing guitarist and singer (I honestly can't tell the difference between him and Steve Perry from Journey when I listen to his originals), he is a brilliant teacher. From the first phone conversation to initial meeting, I felt so at ease with him and knew my daughter would as well. When I spoke with my sister last night about how far Barrett has come since Joel has become her instructor, her reply was, "he's the sparkly unicorn, Buddha on the Mountain guy right?" After I stopped laughing, I had to agree because there really is something transformative and magical about Joel! He is so incredibly giving, accepting and gracious in his teachings and interactions with my daughter, who is on the Aspergers spectrum, that I cannot imagine another teacher that could have one tenth of the impact, self esteem and growth that Joel has given her. He quickly not only became her favorite teacher of all time (and we have had plenty, including years at the School of Rock) but a cherished and trusted family friend. I cannot recommend him highly enough. However, I cannot confirm or deny that he might be a vampire having roamed the earth for hundreds of years based on his alabaster skin and ridiculous wealth of knowledge on basically everything, as I have not witnessed him in full sunlight. Should that happen and Joel spontaneously sparkles then turns to dust, we will have lost the best vocal and guitar coach we will and ever will have had.

Molly Seeley and the entire family